First Detail!

There is something special about humble beginnings, our first detail was a special one. Detailing 2013 Camaro named Bumble Bee was a fun privilege. This car belongs to a special woman that loves to go fast. Now I know why its in my DNA! 

Longest Detail

This beautiful Tesla Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating was definitely one for the books!  What started with scratched black paint right out of the dealers lot and ended with a beautiful and flawless masterpiece. It only took us 16 hours to complete!

Most Difficult Detail

Our most difficult detail wasn’t a ”disaster detail,” it was a full size SUV crammed into a one car garage! How we did it, well, lets just say determination got us to the finish line.

Most Satisfying 

Not only the outside of this ‘98 Jeep was washed and protected, but also the wheels, and interior were brought back to life, and protected with our five year ceramic coating! 

Current Progress 

We recently purchased our first van and have become mobile! What does that mean for you? No more of you going out of your way to get your car cleaned. We come to you at your convenience! This is just the beginning of our expansion.


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